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BERKELEY OPEN SOURCE FOOD - 6th Wild/Feral Food Week - Umami Sauce Fermentation Workshop

May 2020

Berkeley Open Source Food's 6th Annual Wild and Feral Food Week is taking place the week of May 22nd – May 29th, 2020. This event highlights how foragers, chefs, and companies are re-incorporating pandigenous ancestral foods to reduce food waste, promote biodiversity, and delight palates across the globe.

As part of Wild and Feral Food Week, Eleana Hsu hosts a workshop on how to make your own umami sauces that are high in amino acids using foraged mushrooms, food scraps, and koji. Specifically, she uses porcini mushrooms and whatever leftovers in the kitchen to create a highly nutritious and delicious soy sauce alternative.

Thanks to our friends at Berkeley Open Source Food!


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