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MYCOKIND - Private Popup Dinner

December 2019

In collaboration with Tinker Kitchen, Munchrooms, Tremella Nectar, Inveev, and fellow colleagues in the mycology space including William Goss and Jake Keller, MycoKind held its first mushroom popup dinner. The evening featured five courses and four beverages curated by executive chef, Mcalister Fahie, bartender Keith Calara, food scientist Ting Lin, staffed by Leonor Mendoza, and the co-founders of MycoKind: Brian Chau, Hung Doan, and Stephen Young.

Shared Cultures prepared the Koji ferments for the evening, including Koji Beet Charcuterie and Cashew Koji Dip.

You can read more information about the event on MycoKind's website:


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