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Koji Mashed Potatoes

The beauty of koji is that you don’t need to add butter to make your mashed potatoes shine, the umami in koji makes your mashed potatoes savory and delicious all on it’s own.

Of course, if you wanted to add butter and or some fresh herbs that’s completely up to you! We decided to add a few sprigs of fresh foraged rosemary and a small pat of butter at the very end.



  • 1 lb. of whole potatoes (we used purple potatoes because we love the color!)

  • ¼ cup of koji aminos

  • Garlic (optional)

  • Fresh rosemary (optional)

  • Butter (optional)


Follow These Steps!

  1. Wash potatoes, and place potatoes and a few cloves of freshly peeled garlic in a pot of boiling water. You may alternatively choose to use garlic seasoning at the end if you do not have fresh garlic or choose to omit garlic if you would like.

  2. Once potatoes and garlic are soft, drain water and add ¼ cup of koji aminos.

  3. (Optional) Garnish with some fresh herbs and butter!

Ready to give this recipe a try?

You can purchase our Koji Aminos by clicking the image below:

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